‘Muses and Queens’ September 2017 Issue, Featuring: Amanda

Hey guys! This is “Muses and Queens” yet again! Autumn is already here! Summer flew by so fast. This month we have Amanda, from Upper Marlboro. We had an awesome time at our photo shoot! Let’s get to know a bit about her!

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‘Muses and Queens’ August 2017 Issue, Featuring: Karyn

Hey guys! we’re back at it again with “Muses and Queens”! Can you believe it’s August already?! This month we have Karyn, from Gaithersburg. We took a trip to Virginia where we got the opportunity to portray a nature/waterfall concept. We had a brief interview following the shoot for this month’s article. Let’s do it! Continue reading

‘Muses and Queens’ June 2017 Issue, Featuring: Marissa

Hey everyone, Summer’s right around the corner, and we’re back with another Issue of “Muses and Queens”,  where we highlight a Muse for the month and learn more about their drive! We’ve reached our 6 month milestone! I’m so happy to see what this project has become and I hope it grows as the year continues. This month, we have Marissa from Laurel. Without further ado, let’s get into the interview! Continue reading