‘Muses and Queens’ July 2017 Issue, Featuring: Gena

Folks, we’re back with more “Muses and Queens”! Summer is officially here, but the work never stops! This month we have Gena, from Maryland. Our shoot was a sports concept that worked out really well! I pulled out my random list of questions to pick her brain a bit, so we can learn more about her. Let’s get to it!


You find a lottery ticket for 10 million dollars. What are you doing first with the money?
The first thing I’d do with the money is buy my mother a Lexus. She has always wanted one and doing so is one of my goals.

What’s your favorite comfort food?
French fries. The smell, the warmth, the crunch, I love it. Eating fries always makes me happy. 

Who is your role model, and why?
My mother. She’s endured so my in her life and still has a heart of gold. She’s also the strongest woman I know and it amazes me everyday.

What career aspirations do/did you have? What made you interested in this career?
As a senior in high school, I took a college accounting class. I fell in love with it, and have been hooked ever since. I aspire to be a Certified Public Accountant, and later own an accounting & financial consulting firm.

What’s the most interesting documentary you’ve ever watched? Why?
The Man on Wire is about a man who performed a high-wire routine between New York City’s World Trade Center’s twin towers in 1974. What he did was illegal, yet courageous and fearless, performing a wire routine at was later described to have committed “the artistic crime of the century”. Watching it had me on edge the entire time, but I felt empowered once it was over; I felt I could do the impossible.

What TV show character would it be the most fun to change places with for a week?
Ferb from Phineas and Ferb. I’ve always wanted to ride the roller coaster they invented and I know everyday would be filled with a crazy adventure.

What’s the most historic thing that has happened in your lifetime?
Having an African-American family in the White House. Growing up, I would have never imagined to see a Black President, and it’s allowed me to appreciate my skin tone and my culture.

As always, a big thanks to our muse Gena for making this possible! Check out her Instagram here. As of late, it’s been a tad difficult to keep this project going, but I’m going to finish it out! Thank you to all the muses so far for helping with the project. Until next time, cheers!


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