‘Muses and Queens’ February 2017 Issue, Featuring: Kristin

Black History Month is officially upon us, and we’re going to start the month off with our monthly ‘Muses and Queens’ Series! This month features Kristin, an aspiring model from Glen Dale, MD. I got the opportunity to interview her about her thoughts on Black History as well as find out about her personal aspirations.

What’s your favorite movie?

What figure in pop culture do you relate with the most, and why?

Image result for gabrielle union

Gabrielle Union

I think I relate to Gabrielle Union the most because of who she is outside of her amazing acting abilities. Behind the scenes I see Gabrielle Union as a down-to-Earth type of woman who is very focused and driven. After watching many interviews of her, I always think to myself, “wow she’s just like me!” because she is very laid back and likes to enjoy life. I think she’s pretty much the best of both worlds…she can be very professional and serious when she needs to be, but most of the time she’s very silly and likes to be herself no matter who she’s around, which I can relate to as well.

Who is your favorite symbol of Black History, and why?
It’s so hard to choose just one person, but I would have to say Rosa Parks. She overcame many adversities that were against her (Not only being African American but being an African American woman at the same time).

If you could tell your younger self one meaningful bit of advice, what would you say?
What I would say to my younger self is a quote by Dr. Seuss that I heard a few years ago that has stuck with me since… it says “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”.

What career aspirations do/did you have? What made you interested in this career?
I aspire to be an entrepreneur. I want to own several businesses from clothing stores, cosmetic lines, to even restaurants. My parents and my boyfriend have encouraged me to become my own boss and not have to answer to anyone but myself. I also became interested in this career path because I simply love food, fashion, and makeup!

Do you remember a moment in your past that you came to realize how proud you were of your ethnic background? If so, describe that moment and how it made you feel.
One moment I can remember is while watching award shows over the years. I started to notice that with each award show there were more and more people that looked like me, not only being nominated for their accomplishments but actually WINNING the awards as well. This made me truly believe I could do anything.

To conclude, I’d like to thank Kristin for being a part of this month’s edition of Muses and Queens! Follow her on Instagram at @Prettyy.Krissyy . Thanks for reading this month’s issue! Catch you next time!


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