Happy MLK Day!

Happy Martin Luther King Day Everyone! I hope everyone uses today to reflect on the good that Martin Luther King, Jr. brought to the United States in a time of racial tension.

The most touching thing happened when I was exploring D.C. yesterday. I was in Chinatown and there was a group of black young adults outside of the metro station playing music and dancing. This happened to be around the time the crowd just let out from the Washington Capitals game. I stopped and watched, and an African American man came up to me and asked “Why aren’t they dancing to ‘our’ music? What is this?” I had to disagree. I responded “I don’t think of it like that. Music is music.” As I was saying that, a Caucasian woman with a Philadelphia Flyers jersey on came up to the group and started dancing with them. The group happily welcomed her to join and were friendly to her as if they had met long ago. It wasn’t a joke, it was genuine. Seeing that made me think of Martin’s dream as I captured this warming picture on King’s actual birthday. I love to see people come together, I think our society needs more of that every day. Enjoy this day today and cherish moments where people stand together, no matter what color they are.

God Bless,


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