Hello World!

This is the first post of hopefully many! Welcome to the blog of Altitude Creative Collective. We hope that this page becomes a regular read for you, as we will try to update it with interesting content so that Altitude becomes a culture that people can influence and indulge in!

Starting on Wednesday, January 11, we will be starting our first series, “Muses and Queens”. “Muses and Queens” revolves around the female and the empowerment of women through self expression. It will characterize how a woman chooses to express herself and will talk about inspirations, aspirations, perceptions, and many other things. The series will feature an interview of one female model a month, accompanied by photos taken by Altitude’s founder, Tre. Only subjects shot by Tre are selected for the series, so if you would like to be a part of the series, please contact him via the Altitude email (Altitude301@gmail.com) to schedule a shoot. A new Muse will be selected on the first Wednesday of each month!

I hope you all will enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy doing it! Come back soon!

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