‘Muses and Queens’ November 2017 Issue, Featuring: Erin

Hey everyone! This is “Muses and Queens”! We’re still playing catch-up with our last two issues for the series this year! I appreciate your patience and positive feedback for this series overall! This past month we had the pleasure of shooting with and interviewing Erin, from Maryland. Let’s go over that interview!

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‘Muses and Queens’ June 2017 Issue, Featuring: Marissa

Hey everyone, Summer’s right around the corner, and we’re back with another Issue of “Muses and Queens”,  where we highlight a Muse for the month and learn more about their drive! We’ve reached our 6 month milestone! I’m so happy to see what this project has become and I hope it grows as the year continues. This month, we have Marissa from Laurel. Without further ado, let’s get into the interview! Continue reading